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Mission statement

Common Grounds: A Taos Teen Co-Op and Café is a Youth Outreach Mission project of St. James Episcopal Church, welcoming all with respect for the inherent dignity and value of every person; reaching out to young people and their families with love and compassion, regardless of ethnicity or creed, encouraging them to care for one another and feel truly a part of community, through direct community engagement, partnerships and activity programming.

We’re a Co-Op of teens, adults, and community sponsors cooperating with each other to meet teen needs and offer support services.  We’re a Café with a menu of breakfast and lunch items for the public, and a menu of activities for teens.

Mission Opportunity

To Create a safe haven by teens for teens, to socialize without danger, have access to healthy recreation and receive community support services. We believe all youth in Taos County deserve nurturing support in order to reach their full potential.

Mission Income Basis

  • Café/Food Truck
  • Grant opportunities
  • Contracts for Service

We expect to provide services and activities to be present for any teen who:

  • is at risk for self-harm;
  • is experiencing bullying;
  • has potential for excessive alcohol or drug use;
  • is seeking ideas for how to help peers;
  • simply needs a friendly, non-judgmental place to be accepted for who they are;
  • or maybe just needs to “hang out” for a while.

Mission Services

  • Teen focused “mini” Food Pantry
  • Laundry/Shower facilities
  • “Give/take” clothes closet for those who need things
  • Incidental/necessity items/school supplies
  • Internet access and Study area
  • Office Space for Counselors to meet clients
  • Internship/work study programs to with schools

Mission Program Activities

  • Weekly “Teen Talk” Self Help Group/”First Wednesday” Meals
  • Weekly “Coffee Talks”
  • Space for youth/teen themed events
  • A meditation room
  • Music Room
  • An art / mural room
  • Teen gallery/art shows