What we’re up to …

Common Grounds Teens have been busy in Taos since January …

They have presented at ….

  • Kit Carson Board
  • St. James Parish
  • Taos Academy
  • The Mayor’s office
  • Won the Taos Entrepreneurial Network’s “Elevator Pitch” contest!
  • Taos Alive
  • Taos United (16 teens came)
  • We’ve been on the radio several times

The Common Grounds kids coordinated the “Walk on the Plaza” on 3/14 on the #endgunviolence topic (whether a person agrees with that topic or not, their event, the walk to the TCA and the forums that afternoon were AMAZING!)

  • Kids went to Santa Fe on 03/24
  • Students from THS, TA, VG are all working together to coordinate a 4/20 walk to the plaza. Two schools have given their permission for staff and students to do this.  One school did not.
  • They presented at Pecha Kucha on 06/14

We continue to work with Daniel Escalante (Reading to End Racism and Interfaith/Intercultural Alliance) for training teens on how to host their own Community Building workshops with and for other teens (and some adults).